Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Policy Realism in India

Shamelessly lifted from here but it really struck a chord. I fear I might be turning into a cynic myself. 

A cynic’s perspective on robust policy design
The first law of policy realism
A policy that relies on the Indian citizen to act in selfless public interest will not work. In fact, a policy that expects an Indian citizen to act in anything but self-interest and relative gain will not work.
The second law of policy realism
A policy that expects Indian citizens to adhere to a process—any process—will not work as intended, because people will ignore, work around or actively undermine the process.
Implications of the above:
1. Policies must be designed to appeal to self-interest and maximise relative gains (in other words, the citizen must feel s/he will get more out of it compared to others).
2. Policy design must incorporate processes that are consistent with people’s mindsets and are resistant to being undermined.