Wednesday, June 20, 2012

CDR Cases - India (Oh, and copying?)

Two quick graphs on CDR cases in India via Reuters:

Any way you look at it, industry's not going to be able to pull on (well) for much longer. 


The above was my original post. These pictures, I originally got from a Moneycontrol article titled: Deadbeat corporate borrowers? Not in India
Then I went searching on Reuters and to my surprise, got the same article, with the same title, same authors, same photo even and the same copy here: Deadbeat corporate borrowers? Not in India
See for yourself:

Agreed, on moneycontrol, it was filed under 'Wire News' but can we still do that? Just copy paste stuff from reputed news sites, without linking to the original, and scrape page views off? I guess I should get someone to write a script for me that does the same. Pageviews guaranteed.