Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bear Cartels?

I'm such a noob in the stock markets that it hurts to even think about it.
This is what I came across today: Sebi bars 19 entities for involvement in mid-cap stock crash. Might be the first time I've noticed a 'bear cartel' in action.
I'll try to dig into it for more. In the meantime, if anyone has anything they want to share about these 19 entities, lemme know, yes?
  1. 4a Financials Securities
  2. A To Z Steels, 
  3. Ajit Kumar Jain
  4. Cheminare Trade Comm
  5. G N Credits
  6. Gajria Jayna Precision Industries
  7. Kuvam Plast Pvt Ltd
  8. Littlestar Vanijya Pvt Ltd
  9. Manish Agarwal
  10. Milestone Shares & Stock Broking Pvt Ltd.
  11. Neelanchal Mercantile Pvt Ltd
  12. North Eastern Publishing & Advertising Co.
  13. Passions System Solution
  14. Premium Hospitality Services
  15. Ramkripa Securities
  16. Umang Nemani
  17. Venus Infosoft 
  18. White Horse Trading Co.
  19. Yashika Holding Pvt Ltd.
It seems there is quite a lot of cross-holding between these. SEBI's website is down right now, so not able to read the order. Will check it out soon and we'll see how that goes...